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Mentoring Tia


I have been mentoring Tia (Thuyet Nguyen) personally on web development for a year. When we started, she had already been learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript fundamentals for a year, and was familiar with React and the modern JavaScript ecosystem. Since then, we have focused on making her a more well-rounded developer with hands-on practice, particularly with React.

She has worked on some projects of mine, which made her use Next.js, TypeScript, Docker, Jest, Redux, and Chakra UI. Every time she encountered a unfamiliar tool, she did her research, and filled the gap quickly to stay productive. Not only she is smart and highly motivated, but she also speaks excellent English, which makes communicating with her very easy.


I have been building websites for 15 years, used to work at Yelp, wrote a book about HTML5 and gave numerous talks about web development. I also created popular open source projects such as Initializr or JavaScript Stack from Scratch. More about me.