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Hi there, I am Verekia, a French freelance Full Stack JavaScript/TypeScript developer specialized in React, previously employed at Yelp, with 14 years of professional experience. I wrote a book about HTML5, created one of the most popular JavaScript tutorials on GitHub (20k stars), and I spoke at plenty of web developer conferences. Here is my resume and stack of choice.

I can bootstrap, architecture, or upgrade your project, train your team, offer counseling, or review your code to help you take your codebase to the next level while following the best practices of modern web development.

I have been working remotely efficiently and smoothly for the past 11 years.

Training and Support

My offer is particularly aimed at companies who have developers who need training. You may have back-end developers who want to become full-stack, front-end developers who want to learn React or Node, or junior hires who need a boost.

I teach on Slack / Discord. Chat-based training is much more efficient than calls to learn code. It is better to share code samples and links with each other, gives time to the trainees to process information and come up with specific questions, and creates references for them to come back to. It is also easier to integrate to their schedule. We will have occasional video calls to check-in.

My training is tailored to the needs of each trainee. I will provide guidance, answer all their questions, and give them assignments specific to them to practice on. I will make sure they make fast progress, understand fundamental concepts well, and assimilate best practices. I also provide support if they need help with their work.